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Shifeng group: a "Qilu model" for industrial transformation and upgrading,

Shifeng group is practicing the road of high-quality development. Nowadays, industrial transformation and upgrading and product structure adjustment and upgrading are major propositions faced by enterprises. Many enterprises have pain, confusion, exploration and difficult steps. However, Shandong Shifeng group experienced pain and confusion in advance, explored the transformation direction and path of transformation and upgrading, realized the high-end brand of Shifeng, and gave full play to the advantages of its high-end intelligent hydrostatic test machine platform for large-diameter high-pressure pipe fittings of the utility model, so as to change from Shifeng manufacturing to Shifeng creation, and create a new situation of high-quality development

the current wind has also been painful and difficult, but it has survived.

how to turn the transformation and upgrading, where to turn, and what will be the result? Facing such a big problem that matters to the life and death of enterprises, the current wind has also been painful and difficult, but it still survived. Chairman Liu Chengqiang said this with a different taste in his heart

Shifeng group has been popular all over the country. It has always been under the spotlight and meticulous. With traditional products such as three wheeled vehicles, single cylinder engines, small four-wheel tractors and so on, it has become a hot market for many years, laying a solid foundation for the development of the enterprise. However, the unpredictable market demand and the continuous adjustment of national policies have forced enterprises to transform and upgrade. As a high proportion of traditional products, Shifeng group is facing severe challenges

transformation and upgrading is like what everyone is talking about. The key problem is to change the cage for a bird. In addition, it has to be a strong bird. It can live well in a cage. This is very troublesome. We are engaged in agricultural vehicles, which is the foundation of our family. We should not lose it, but also upgrade and optimize it. In the past, we could do it with traditional technology, but now we can do it with advanced technology, and the products we produce are also better. After years of research on market demand and understanding of national policies, on the basis of refining traditional new products, we focus on light truck vehicles and medium and large tractors, and our equipment is upgraded according to this. Liu Chengqiang introduced the transformation and upgrading process of the enterprise

in 2018, Shifeng Group invested and built the German kW automatic casting line and put it into operation. In order to control the VOC of coating, they met the emission requirements of the coating lines in the two industrial parks according to the car standards, and the original coating was transformed into powder coating, realizing zero emission. In terms of traditional products, Shifeng group has always implemented the concept of high precision, high quality and high cost performance to make profits to users. Build a high-end intelligent manufacturing platform, and install and put into production in batches high-speed, high-precision CNC lathes, machining centers, automatic production lines, and multiple series of robots. The construction of high-end intelligent manufacturing platform of Shifeng group has been rapidly promoted

an enterprise cannot have no market, and the market can have no enterprise

an enterprise cannot have no market, but the market can have no enterprise. Chairman Liu Chengqiang said with emotion in an interview

indeed, an enterprise must not have no market. If it loses the market, it will soon die. However, if there is no enterprise in the market, similar enterprises will quickly add in. The reality is so cruel. This is also the pressure and driving force for Shifeng group to continuously carry out industrial transformation and upgrading and product optimization and upgrading

for Shifeng, what changes is the market, environment and demand, and what does not change is the advantage reconstruction of Shifeng industrial platform and the optimization and upgrading of industrial products. Therefore, they give full play to their strong scientific research advantages and technical strength for transformation and upgrading

it is understood that Shifeng has 13 research institutes, including the national enterprise technology center, the Key Laboratory of agricultural machinery power and harvesting machinery of the Ministry of agriculture, and the post doctoral scientific research workstation; There are more than 2500 professional and technical personnel, and more than 1000 scientific research achievements have won national patents, with strong independent innovation ability. Backed by such strong scientific research and development strength, Shifeng Group invested 18million euros to acquire grabat energy, an industrial company under grapeeno. It seems reasonable to upgrade successfully

they plan ahead, promote the upgrading of three wheeled vehicles to national III, light truck vehicles to national VI, medium and large tractors to National IV intelligent agricultural machinery, scaffolding to construction robots, increase the promotion of pure electric commercial vehicles in the field of green logistics and transportation, and create a regional brand of characteristic industrial clusters. Give full play to the advantages of high-end smart manufacturing platforms, tap the potential internally, and open up and cooperate with the outside world. Accelerate the transformation from fashion manufacturing to fashion creation, and promote fashion manufacturing to the high-end manufacturing of heavy axle, engineering machinery, export and foreign trade and other parts. And has extensive cooperation with more than 20 well-known enterprises, such as Shaanxi hande, Shandong Pengxiang, Guangxi Yuchai, Yunyu, Jinan Meide, etc

1905 tons of castings were exported in January this year, an increase of 10 times over the same period last year, but it is far from the demand of 3800 tons per month. The current market order volume can fully realize the full production of casting and machining workshops

the agricultural equipment industry is the strategic industry of Shifeng group. Tractors, harvesters and single cylinder engines are important parts of the agricultural equipment industry. They have gone through three stages of upgrading: National I, national II and national III, and all meet the requirements of relevant national industrial policies

market demand is the guide, otherwise no matter how good the product is, it is meaningless.

in the transformation and upgrading of enterprises, we must thoroughly study General Secretary Xi's thoughts in order to understand the real operation law of Chinese enterprises. Market demand is the orientation of enterprise product upgrading. No matter how good a product is, it is meaningless if the market does not need it. As an enterprise, it is necessary to study national policies and market orientation well in order to upgrade the enterprise and optimize the products, Liu Chengqiang said

from the end of last year to the present, there have been two good news for the current trend from the national level

on December 21, 2018, the State Council issued the guiding opinions on accelerating the transformation and upgrading of agricultural mechanization and agricultural machinery equipment industry, which undoubtedly injected a strong impetus and added new impetus to the development of agricultural machinery industry

on January 28, 2019, ten ministries and commissions including the national development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of industry and information technology issued the "implementation plan for further optimizing supply, promoting steady growth of consumption, and promoting the formation of a strong domestic market", which clearly stated that places with conditions can rely on market trading platforms to give appropriate subsidies to owners of scrapped vehicles with national emission standards of grade 3 and below who buy new vehicles at the same time. Where conditions permit, appropriate subsidies can be given to rural residents who meet the conditions for scrapping three wheeled vehicles

it is supported from the national policy level, which also marks the future enterprise level. It is also the wind vane for the continuous transformation and upgrading of enterprises. In the future, we should work on light truck vehicles and Zhongda trailers, show the strength of working as a tricycle in the past, and dare to compete for the first place. Chairman Liu Chengqiang said confidently

in fact, as early as seven years ago, Shifeng group began to make efforts around transformation and upgrading. 2017 is a key year, and the agricultural equipment products such as large and medium-sized tractors and single cylinder engines of Shifeng group have achieved the national third grade upgrading. 2018 is the decisive year for the transformation of new and old kinetic energy of Shifeng group. First of all, the shrinkage rate of various plastics is not a fixed value. We will build and improve high-end smart manufacturing platforms with key projects, help cultivate and expand new products and industries, release new driving forces of new and old kinetic energy, and create new highlights and new advantages of transformation and upgrading

at the end of the interview, chairman Liu Chengqiang said confidently: an economic expert analyzed that there are many uncertain factors affecting the development of enterprises in 2019. 2018 may be the worst year in the past 10 years, but it is also very likely to be the best year in the next 10 years. But for the current trend, 2018 is the worst year in the next 10 years

nowadays, Shifeng group focuses on the stable and reliable performance of its main business, has a clear general idea of transforming and upgrading traditional industries, accelerating the development of strategic emerging industries, and building a high-end smart manufacturing platform; Six industrial parks have been built, including agricultural automobile industrial park, agricultural equipment Industrial Park, Thermal Power Industrial Park, chemical fiber tire industrial park, electric vehicle industrial park and modern agricultural equipment Industrial Park, and four industrial clusters have been built, including agricultural automobile, agricultural equipment, electric vehicle and chemical fiber tire

Shifeng group is practicing the road of high-quality development

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