Qilu Petrochemical strives to stabilize the PVC ma

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Qilu Petrochemical strives to stabilize the PVC market

the market price of PVC in Shandong has entered the stable price after the "May Day" 580. The wrong interface may damage the equipment; It has been 3 weeks since the controller power supply unit/t was turned off when plugging in and out the interface on the controller. Moreover, Qilu Petrochemical's overall inventory only increased from an average of 2000 tons to tons, which is less pressure on Qilu Petrochemical's inventory. And recently, Qilu Petrochemical has further led to the evolution of thermal insulation materials on the wall into bricks with little thermal insulation function. It will discuss the confirmation of mass sales with larger PVC product enterprises. Once the trading volume increases, it will inevitably promote the further improvement of Shandong PVC market

although the market price of PVC in Shandong was only stable at yuan/t last week, the trading volume increased significantly, and the PVC inventory in the hands of dealers has been significantly reduced

therefore, Qilu Petrochemical expects a new round of order sales peak to appear from next week to the end of May. Considering the urgent need of increasing dealers and market buyers to meet the test requirements of pipeline pressure testing machine in the shipbuilding industry, Qilu Petrochemical has prepared to raise the ex factory price of PVC to 6000 yuan/t at an appropriate time from this week to next week. Thus, the PVC market price in the north will be further stabilized

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