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Qin7 -- the first 7 * 24-hour overseas study emergency service in North America

introduction: domestic overseas study industry services are all doing to send students out, but few institutions pay attention to the pain points after students go out. After going abroad, who should international students turn to for help

in recent years, the number of Chinese students studying abroad has continued to grow, and the main body of studying abroad has become younger. The problem derived from this trend is the frequent occurrence of overseas safety accidents, and the major changes and even conflicts in the language, cultural environment and living habits faced by overseas students also make the challenges faced by overseas students increase day by day, and there is an urgent need to seek help through effective ways when encountering problems

however, at the same time, China's overseas study industry service focus is still sending students out. The overseas study service ends at the door of the country, and few institutions pay attention to the pain points of overseas students after going out. How to find help when students studying abroad encounter difficulties has become the most concerned problem of domestic parents

six major issues of Chinese students in the United States

Ms. Wu Wei, a senior Sino American education expert and the operation director of Hwy education group in the United States, graduated from Peking University and the Bush Administration College of Texas A & M University in the United States, and later obtained a doctorate in educational management from Kansas State University in the United States. As a former student studying in the United States, Dr. Wu Wei has been engaged in Sino US educational and cultural exchanges and foreign student services for many years, and has an intuitive understanding and in-depth research on the learning and living conditions and problems of foreign students in the United States. In response to the theme of this issue, she made the following analysis and interpretation of the six biggest problems encountered by Chinese students studying in the United States, which is also the theme and results of her doctoral thesis research

(Ms. Wu Wei, operation director of Hwy education group in the United States)

question 1: language barrier

for Chinese students whose mother tongue is not English, language is the biggest challenge they face on the way to study abroad, and it is also the biggest source of pressure in their daily study and life. When English suddenly becomes the only language in daily dealings, for Chinese students, the problems of insufficient vocabulary mainly used for spring manufacturers, accent pronunciation, slow listening response, and insufficient recognition of English accents from different countries are highlighted, especially in American campuses that attach importance to the cultivation of speech ability. What makes foreign students most afraid is all kinds of classroom public speeches, It can be said that language is a problem that requires a lot of energy to overcome at least in the early stage of foreign students coming to the United States

problem 2: cultural differences

the social system and public environment of the United States are very different from that of China. Many foreign students came to the United States, which is known as the world's first developed country, and were surprised to find that their city is almost a vast rural area, which is very different from Chinese cities with heavy traffic and high-rise buildings. And the cultural conflicts in daily life are countless. Many foreign students find that even if they understand every word in the chat, they often cannot understand the laughter of Americans because of different cultural backgrounds

cultural conflict is an extremely common problem, such as the differences in communication with Americans, the conflict of views on different social systems, and the differences in cultural values between eastern and western people. Another example is the corporate culture and party culture of American universities, and the views of American young people on love and sex, which are different from traditional Chinese concepts. Therefore, whether to adhere to their inherent values or strive to integrate into American culture will arouse foreign students to carry out an ideological struggle

question 3: life skills

when Chinese students are in China, they are often deaf to things outside the window and only read books of sages. Their life skills are usually contracted by their parents. After studying in the United States, they will suddenly face the challenges of independent life: Learning to cook, washing clothes, doing housework, learning to drive, renting a house, signing a contract, opening a bank account, etc. Many foreign students said that when they first came to the United States, they would not use the dishwasher, washing machine and dryer in the student apartment. As for the car, the most common means of transportation in the United States, foreign students have more problems, such as learning to buy a car, taking the driver's license test, and what if the car is hit? Studying in the United States is not only a classroom study, but also a comprehensive test of daily life skills and adaptability

question 4: interpersonal communication

the interpersonal communication of foreign students is simple and not simple. Most foreign students have no relatives when they first arrive in the United States, and their interpersonal connections are a blank sheet of paper. But slowly, they began to get to know more people, perhaps American students who had classes together, or foreign students who also came from China. American students are kind and friendly, but they always feel separated by a layer of distance, and there are not many common topics; Return to the Chinese student circle, and all kinds of small frictions continue. The small fights between Chinese students are often amplified due to the small circle, which also makes many foreign students exhausted. The relationship between foreign students and their parents also causes estrangement or communication barriers because of time difference, foreign land, western culture, and different situations. Some foreign students report good news but not bad news, and they will bear any difficulties by themselves. Some parents, even though they are far away from home, still maintain an overly involved attitude towards their children, which makes the parent-child relationship more tense

problem 5: academic difficulties

the difficulties encountered by foreign students in their studies are usually caused by language barriers. The most common problems for Chinese students are that they can't follow the lectures in class, have difficulties in completing their homework, and don't speak actively in class. Due to language barriers and self-confidence, Chinese students often rarely establish a good relationship with professors. Many American professors have the impression that Chinese students are silent and introverted. Some foreign students said: they envy American students and professors who talk and laugh after class, and it is difficult for them to join their chat; When doing group work, it was obvious that American students were unwilling to choose Chinese students to join the group because they were afraid of dragging down the performance of the whole group. The more essential problem lies in the different educational methodologies between China and the United States. Chinese education focuses on memory, while American education pays more attention to conceptual understanding and problem-solving. After more than a decade of immersion in Chinese education, the original learning methods may no longer work, and different learning methods need to be used to adapt to American classroom learning

question 6: future planning

the life of foreign students is relatively simple, and learning accounts for the main part of their life. However, with the increase of grade, the attention and thinking about future planning are also rising, which may perplex foreign students for a long time. In conclusion, the problem is employment opportunities, love relationships and the age of marriage and graduation. After graduation, whether to continue studying or employment, whether to return home or stay in the United States, the question of identity is always lingering. International students need a work visa to stay in the United States, but not every American employer is willing to help international students apply. The pressure of foreign students can be imagined. The uncertainty of future life often casts a shadow on the love relationship of foreign students. Every decision after graduation will be too structural to bear, and further damage will occur. It is very cautious and important

qin7 North America's first 24/7 study abroad emergency service

in response to the above problems, the United States Hwy Education Group launched qin7 North America's first 24/7 study abroad emergency service. Qin7 builds a 24-hour emergency guidance platform for international students rooted in the United States, answers international students' emergencies and accepts consultations around the clock, guides and handles various emergencies, integrates local government and professional resources, and helps international students analyze the current situation, weigh the pros and cons, and find the right way out of the dilemma as soon as possible

qin7 means that my American relatives, like American relatives who are familiar with the local situation, take care of and help students, and provide support services for students studying in the United States throughout their study abroad. When students encounter difficulties in study and life and need to find someone to consult or discuss, they can call qin7 at any time, and qin7's professional consultants will answer their questions and solve their doubts. The consultants are supported by an experienced tutor team composed of experts from various fields, and give complete suggestions according to students' problems after discussion to guide them to understand western culture and its thinking logic, actively solve problems, and grow up quickly, independently and healthily. If necessary, qin7 will arrange expert tutors in relevant fields to have a direct dialogue with students and provide in-depth consultation. In addition to solving problems for students, qin7 also communicates with parents about the interaction with students in a timely manner, so that they can not only travel thousands of miles without worry, but also advance with their children

in order to improve the quality and effectiveness of services, qin7 has set up emergency stations in seven major cities in the United States, has a strong database background, and a professional call center system, has the support of six embassies in the United States, and its team members have rich experience in education and life in the United States, striving to effectively solve the problems of foreign students during their stay in the United States at the first time

(group photo of qin7 core team)

qin7 service details

1. Basic services (working hours: 365 days and 24 hours)

24-hour Chinese emergency services

24 hours a year, 365 days a year, by means of contact consultation, help students deal with various emergencies, solve their problems, and provide overseas students with emergency handling methods and safety event prevention in the United States, Natural disaster response and other aspects of information query

2. Additional services (service time: working day 09:: 00 (appointment system))

study abroad medical insurance

provide medical insurance and accidental injury insurance that meet the standards of American schools, enjoy medical assistance and claim payment services in China and the United States throughout the year, and provide emergency assistance services in global regions

landing to pick up and settle down

a specially assigned person arrives at the airport to raise a sign to pick up people, assist in arranging accommodation, cards, bank accounts, school check-in and many other life matters, prepare for the start of school, and help students adapt to the life of studying abroad as soon as possible

psychological/academic/employment guidance

provide foreign students with guidance and help in psychological problems, academic and employment planning, evaluate and analyze the current situation of foreign students, give targeted counseling, and recommend academic experts to provide help when necessary

legal aid consultation

provide common legal knowledge consultation and guidance for foreign students, professional lawyer team provides unlimited free legal consultation (within 20 minutes) every year, and provides free legal document services twice a year

Guardian service

provide guardians who meet the requirements of state laws throughout the United States, perform the rights and obligations of guardians on behalf of parents, and help students deal with all aspects of corresponding things, including health, medical care, insurance, signing legal documents, communicating with schools, etc

3. Qin7 members' exclusive privileges

join qin7 members' social networks across the United States to share and exchange American life at any time

check the experience of American universities shared by members and the comments of professors

participate in offline activities such as parties, dinners, salon lectures organized or sponsored by qin7 in major cities in the United States

enjoy the price concessions of many well-known products or services in the United States with qin7 membership

get qin7's exclusive collection and release of professional information on law, safety, internship, employment and immigration. We have taken important measures to reduce our carbon footprint

more benefits and orders are increasing

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