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Qi Mengxue, a technician from a large country: the "protector" of high-tech tunnel construction

Qi Mengxue, a technician from a large country: the "protector" of high-tech tunnel construction

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wants to grow momentum from highly skilled talents

"without first-class technicians, there will be no first-class products." In the process of becoming a "big manufacturing country", China has emerged a large number of highly skilled talents, who together with high-tech talents have made contributions to the development of China's manufacturing industry. High skilled talents have become an indispensable and important part of China's talent team, and are the "new force" of rejuvenating enterprises and strengthening the country... Now, in the journey to "manufacturing power", China's manufacturing enterprises need more dexterous high skilled talents to adjust their structures, transform and upgrade and create brilliance

however, generally speaking, the number of highly skilled talents in China is not large, and we are facing the problem of insufficient succession of reserve talents. Relevant labor departments have made statistics that senior technicians in China account for only about 5% of workers, while the proportion in developed countries is 35% - 40%, which is a big gap. An authoritative research report pointed out that at present, the national demand for high skilled talents is 30.671 million, with a shortage of 1.058 million. Relevant experts believe that in the future, the construction of China's highly skilled talent team will face three prominent contradictions: first, the total contradiction is prominent; second, the structural contradiction is prominent; third, the demand structure and morphological characteristics of highly skilled workers are constantly changing in the process of economic and social development... The reasons for this phenomenon are manifold, but in the final analysis, it is caused by the long-term insufficient understanding and attention of the government, enterprises and society. In this regard, some experts suggested that "on the one hand, the government should strengthen the top-level design of the planning of high skilled talents, adhere to the high-end driving strategy of the construction of high skilled talents, and further alleviate the bottleneck of high skilled talents; on the other hand, it should open source and consolidate the foundation, and pay attention to the training of primary and intermediate skilled workers."

"if the gap of highly skilled talents is successfully filled by 2020, China's GDP is expected to achieve a growth of $250billion, which is larger than the total economy of Hong Kong or Israel." According to a report of an authoritative consulting company abroad

"this foreign thing is really hard to fix. It's broken down again. Call Qi gonglai quickly!" A few days ago, at the TBM operation site of Xinjiang zhongtianshan tunnel of China Railway 18th Bureau Group Tunnel Company, the construction personnel shouted loudly

Qi Gong, named Qi Mengxue, 40 years old, is the technical "leader" of TBM, the main equipment. In July, 1997, Qi Mengxue graduated from the Department of mechanics of the Railway College and came to the China Railway 18th bureau group. He plunged into the tunnel site. At that time, the 18.4-kilometer Qinling Tunnel first introduced the world's most advanced TBM tunnel boring machine from Germany. Since then, he has an indissoluble bond with TBM

assiduously study TBM technology

tbm is the abbreviation of full face tunnel boring machine, with a total length of 256 meters and a total value of 360million yuan. During operation, the head rotates and pushes the cutter head. Through the disc-shaped hob to break the rock, the full face of the tunnel can be formed at one time. It has the characteristics of high quality, safety, environmental protection and high efficiency. It is the most advanced tunnel construction equipment in the world

due to the first introduction, the German manufacturer sent a technical service team to guide the equipment assembly on site. Qi Mengxue took a pen and a book with him and kept a record of the TBM assembly procedure, operation points, sling selection and adjustment, tool use method, bolt tightening procedure and torque requirements at any time. Over the past three months, he has accumulated hundreds of pages of information. Soon, Qi Mengxue mastered the comprehensive technology of TBM assembly, operation and maintenance

in participating in the organization and implementation of the comprehensive renovation and transformation of TBM, Qi Mengxue signed 165 contracts for parts procurement and outsourcing maintenance and processing. In combination with the current situation of equipment and the needs of construction and production, Qi Mengxue also organized and implemented scientific and technological breakthroughs and obtained a number of proprietary technologies

without the guidance of foreign experts, Qi Mengxue and the TBM team broke the routine to carry out on-site assembly, which is usually also called tensile testing machine or universal tensile testing machine. It usually takes 12 months for the pump and motor of the hydraulic system to be sent to the original factory for maintenance and inspection, and they disassemble and repair them by themselves; For the aging and damaged electrical circuits, accessories, etc., it is too late to import from abroad, so they find alternative products from relevant manufacturers, and after improvement, they meet the requirements of the whole machine

after six months of hard work, Qi Mengxue and the TBM team repaired and assembled all the components of TBM, making TBM stand up again. Compared with the electronic universal tension experiment of Qinling tunnel project, which is divided into measurement system, drive system, control system and computer software system, Qi Mengxue shortened 43 days and saved 12million yuan

break through the imprisonment of foreign technology

in the process of using TBM, as a technical guide, Qi Mengxue is not confined by foreign technology and equipment, and boldly carries out technical research and technological innovation on foreign equipment from the perspective of practical work

in 2008, the TBM of the Middle Tianshan tunnel had oil leakage from the main bearing. Qi Mengxue found out that the reason was that the sealing ring of the bearing was aging, resulting in the failure of the cutter head. Qi Mengxue used his brain and decided to replace the inner and outer sealing rings of the main bearing in the hole. However, the space in the tunnel is narrow and difficult to operate, so he instructed to fix the cutterhead on the rock with a clip by bolting, connect the cutterhead with the rock, pull out 64 bolts, replace the sealing ring, and then push it in in the opposite position. The technology is not bad, which provides an effective guarantee for tunneling

many parts manufacturers of TBM no longer produce and cannot order from abroad. At the same time, considering cost reasons, Qi Mengxue boldly carried out localization transformation

tb880e tunnel boring machine is designed and manufactured by German Wirth company. According to the original design, the distance between the front scraping board of the cutter head and the tunnel wall and the heading face is very close. When rotating in the ballast, the front scraping board is seriously damaged, affecting the construction and promoting the green transformation; Strengthen waste plastics. In this regard, Qi Mengxue boldly proposed an improved technical scheme, welding a protective sleeve on the back of the scraper seat, and inlaying a self-locking nut in the protective sleeve, so as to reduce the wear of the screw hole. Once damaged, it is more convenient to replace, greatly reducing the damage rate of the cutter head

tbm main knife is produced by the original factory. If it breaks down, it has to be imported. Not only the cost is high, but also the time is not guaranteed. Qi Mengxue and the project department searched for alternative products in various ways in China, and repeatedly negotiated with the manufacturer to carry out technical transformation, so that the domestic knives meet the technical requirements of imported parts

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