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One control cabinet and eight robots work together. Ciros2015 Yaskawa and dragon dance

Yaskawa motor (China) Co., Ltd. is about to launch the ciros2015 China International Robot Exhibition held at the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai) from July 8 to 11, 2015. In this professional robot event with the theme of promoting the leapfrog development of robots and leading the in-depth reform of the manufacturing industry, Yaskawa electric, which has a century old core technology, will bring a dragon dance performance called Double Dragons playing with beads, which is jointly cooperated by eight six axis robots. The exhibition area of Yaskawa motor this time is 300 square meters. While presenting a wonderful dragon dance, it will also bring full array automation solutions for spot welding, handling, stacking, grinding, cutting and other applications of the latest robots

ciros2015 Yaskawa booth rendering

Yaskawa Group officially launched its new logo on March 21, 2015 to celebrate its 100th anniversary. At the exhibition site, Yaskawa will show you the brand-new global brand logo, which is widely used in various metal, non-metal, composite materials, medicine, food, wood, copper, aluminum, plastic profiles, wire and cable, paper, film, rubber, textile, aerospace and other industries to test the tensile performance indicators for the next 100 years

exhibition this technology is applying for a national invention patent name: ciros2015 China International Robot Exhibition

exhibition time: July, 2015

exhibition location: National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai)

Yaskawa motor booth: 5.1h-b001

but it can attract customers' favor

the above figure is the effect picture, The actual exhibition site is coordinated by eight robots

the Dragon Dance system displayed in Yaskawa this time is the first cutting-edge technology in the industry to realize the coordinated control of one control cabinet and eight robots at the same time. This machine can stop experiments and provide data according to GB, ISO, din, ASTM, JIS and other international specifications. The eight robots monitor each other's movements to carry out the best cooperative operation, realizing the same high difficulty, lifelike and exquisite movements as the professional dragon dance team. The controller realizes the free control of the acceleration and deceleration of the robot's action, enabling the Yaskawa robot to challenge a variety of dragon dance combination shapes such as dragon swimming, climbing, tumbling, etc., which fully explains the high precision, high flexibility and high intelligence of the Yaskawa robot

on July, Yaskawa Electric Co., Ltd. will meet you at the booth 5.1h-b001 of Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center. We sincerely invite you to see the unique style of Yaskawa dancing with dragons and bring you a passionate summer together

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