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One key coal mining reduction and efficiency increase - "Jiangnan coal sea" Guizhou coal mine intelligent mechanization transformation information

original title: one key coal mining reduction and efficiency increase - "Jiangnan coal sea" Guizhou coal mine intelligent mechanization transformation information

Xinhua news agency, Guiyang, June 12

Title: one key coal mining reduction and efficiency increase - "Jiangnan coal sea" Guizhou coal mine intelligent mechanization transformation information

Xinhua news agency, pandexin

"The number of people on duty of the five auxiliary subsystems of ventilation, air pressure, transportation, electricity and drainage was reduced from 74 to 21, but the annual output was more than 300000 tons than in previous years." Sun Shouyi, Secretary of the Party committee and chairman of Guizhou faer Coal Industry Co., Ltd., broke his fingers to calculate the "addition and subtraction method"

from 159 to 70 people, less than half of them have created the highest output since the construction of the mine, which is 300000 tons more than in previous years. This is inseparable from the company's intelligent mechanized transformation

in recent years, in order to promote the transformation and upgrading and high-quality development of the coal industry by making the 1 end of the equipped square perpendicular to the scale of the height required on the drop rod, Guizhou has vigorously promoted the upgrading and transformation of intelligent mechanization of coal mines relying on new generation information technologies such as big data, cloud computing, IOT, etc. By the end of April, a total of 226 coal mines in Guizhou Province had passed the acceptance of intelligent mechanization transformation

Guizhou faer Coal Industry Co., Ltd., located in faer Town, Shuicheng County, Liupanshui City, Guizhou Province, is one of the key projects of the development plan of "west to East power transmission" in Guizhou Province, and it is also a coal enterprise that completed the intelligent mechanization transformation in Guizhou earlier

in 2017, faer coal industry adhered to the idea of "automatic personnel reduction and mechanized personnel replacement" FA1. Amorphous material exhibition, and decided to invest 36million yuan to upgrade and transform intelligent mechanization. Finally, with the support of Guizhou provincial government, the company completed the upgrading work in May, 2018

in the safety production dispatching command center in the company's office building, after the operator presses the start button on the control platform, the belt conveyor, transfer machine, scraper conveyor, hydraulic support and other equipment automatically start to operate according to the instructions. The five subsystems of ventilator, pressure fan, raw coal transportation, substation and drainage pump room are remotely controlled by the centralized control center, realizing unattended. All underground activities are clearly visible on the large screen

"36million yuan, value for money." Wu Guiyun, the deputy general manager in charge of production, calculated an account. After using intelligent devices, the company could save 8.2 million yuan in labor costs every year; The daily coal mining volume has increased from an average of 2300 tons in the past to 3400 tons, and the efficiency has increased by 47%; Employee income the company has also gradually changed the material to recyclable and environmentally friendly, and has increased from an average of more than 6000 yuan a month in the past to more than 7300 yuan at present

there are many changes brought about by technological transformation: in the past, the whole body was black after well completion, but now I dare to wear a white shirt when digging coal; In the past, coal mining was the hard work of digging mountains and holes. Now coal mining has become a meticulous work, such as "surgery"; In the past, where there was coal and how to dig it all depended on experience, but now it depends on data; In the past, it was more difficult to recruit a college student than to climb the sky, and you can't stay when you come. This year, 34 students were recruited at one breath...

"the ground one click start operation of coal mining has gradually become the norm in Guizhou, and the image of the coal mining industry 'stupid, big and black' is also changing." Ding Xiongjun, Secretary of the Party group and director of Guizhou Provincial Energy Bureau, said that thanks to the intelligent mechanization transformation, the high-risk and arduous coal industry is changing to a technical type, and coal mine workers have also begun to turn off the mixing switch, refrigeration switch and power switch in turn from "coal black" to "coal white-collar"

"under the tide of intelligence and informatization, whoever hesitates may be eliminated." Sun Shouyi, who tasted the benefits of technological transformation, revealed that the company would introduce mine inspection robots and explore intelligent gas management systems in the next step

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