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Baoshan, Yunnan: who is behind the operation of the polluting paper mill (I)

at the intersection of Jiulong road and Shengyang road in Longyang City, Baoshan, Yunnan Province, there is a simple paper mill standing on the roadside, with black and white smoke from the chimney and plant area, A roaring noise "But when you can use it to increase the strength of a part by five times, it keeps emitting a pungent smell. There are family residential areas of two units and more than 10 residential houses nearby, which are only separated by a wall from the factory. Due to the common faults of the testing machine, you must know the pollution problem of the factory, and many residents around the factory have reported it to the relevant departments everywhere. Recently, the residents around the paper factory have reacted more and more strongly. According to them, the local relevant departments The pollution control of this paper mill was relatively gentle, which led to the fact that the factory had not moved the pollution for many years

pollution affects residents and stops when it is difficult

this factory not only looks bad, but also often disturbs residents. According to the masses, the plant, which was started to operate in 1992, is called Longyang Beijiang wrinkle paper mill (referred to as paper mill for short). The plant site is the land rented from the Beiguan Office of Longyang District. For more than 10 years, the equipment has been crude and has been polluting the surrounding areas for a long time

in a residential area near the factory, Mr. Yang, a resident, said reluctantly: there are bursts of waste smoke blowing in the area every day. The smoke emitted is too smelly. People often dare not open windows at home. Because they live in this environment, they now find that they have symptoms of cough and sore throat. I asked, and many people are like this. I suspect it is related to pollution! Mr. Yang, who was very excited, said that his family often couldn't sleep because of the noise of the paper mill, so the children often cried, and reported to many departments that they couldn't solve it for several years

Mr. Zhang, who lives next to the factory, pointed to the six potted flowers and said: the flowers can't live, and they withered after only two months. There is a lot of dust on the window glass and balcony at home at any time. I don't dare to dry my clothes at ordinary times. I really don't know what to do

Uncle Li, who has lived near the paper mill for more than 30 years, said: we have reflected since 2005. At first, the environmental protection department also paid attention to it and came to the site for many investigations, but it has never been solved. It was not until February, 2008, that many surrounding residents united to respond strongly, that the relevant units and environmental protection departments replied that everyone requested the relocation of the paper mill at the end of April, 2008; Later, it was also said that the new plant site was being selected, indicating that it would be relocated at the end of 2008; Later, we reported that the Longyang District Environmental Protection Bureau also said that the new site had been selected and would be relocated at the end of March this year; Now, in April, the paper mill has not moved. I sincerely hope that the relevant departments can consider for us and move this factory away

in order to prove the fact that residents have been reflecting pollution, Mr. Jiang, the resident, provided a "reflection material" on September 10, 2005: we have been polluted by Beiguan paper factory (Beijiang wrinkle paper factory note) for a long time. We dare not stay at home during the day, and we can't sleep until late at night or even after the noise stops at 1:00 a.m. We have negotiated for many times and complained to the municipal and district environmental protection bureaus that we can't solve the problem. Beiguan paper factory is to move the five small pollutants banned by other provinces from small to large or from large to small enterprises. The recycled paper factory is moving into Longyang District, processing and packaging toilet paper by recycling waste paper. The production process of the factory is backward, does not meet the environmental protection discharge standards, and there are no decontamination and sewage disposal equipment. The alkaline water and waste water used in production are directly discharged into the urban underground waterways, and the production boilers, The coal ash is directly discharged with the chimney and scattered on the surrounding residential houses, polluting the air

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