At its peak, TOCOM's rubber market fell at the beg

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On December 22, the initial price of TOCOM rubber fell

on December 22, the price of ru1205, the main contract of Shanghai rubber, fell slightly, closing down by 50 yuan to 25225 yuan. The total trading volume of the whole day decreased by more than 27000 hands to more than 810000 hands, and the net position decreased by more than 7000 hands to more than 258000 hands. The disk showed the characteristics of weakening current price decline and positions. In early trading on the 23rd, the contract closed up 290 yuan to 25515 yuan, and the volume of positions increased

the short-term and long-term contracts of Tokyo Jiao were mixed, falling into the regional shock consolidation of the yen and the yen respectively. No. 3 rubber in Singapore rubber market was not traded, and the main contract of No. 20 rubber closed down 0.3 cents/kg to 338.2 cents/kg. The company will prepare its own kg

No. 3 glue in the international production area increased from cents/kg to cents/kg, and No. 20 glue increased from cents/kg to cents/kg. At the design stage of the sample car, the spot price of uss3 rubber in China increased from 90 85 baht/kg fell back to 90 35 baht/kg

the average listing price of domestic Haikou trading hall is 26800 yuan, and the listing volume is 63 tons; The average price of hanging orders in Kunming trading hall was 27576 yuan, and the quantity of hanging orders was 170 tons, all of which were not traded

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