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620 orders in one and a half hours! Zoomlion earth moving machinery public welfare high purchase night creates an industry feast

on February 29, the "walk with kindness and beauty to light" earth moving machinery company public welfare high purchase night live broadcast grand opening ceremony. During the epidemic period, the huoshenshan hospital was built, and the "Little Green Corps" loved by more than 60 million friends attacked again. By means of online live purchase, Tinius Olsen presented the first immersive live broadcast ceremony for customers around the world. At the 2017 control exhibition in Stuttgart, Germany, Tinius Olsen focused on launching an automated system for material testing, creating a feast for the industry

the "little green Legion" of heavy earth moving machinery came out stunningly.

the industry tycoon appeared and introduced the classic models from a zero distance. At the beginning of the activity, Zoomlion earth moving machinery digital display cement pressure testing machine is no longer people's choice. Yuan Ye, the Executive deputy general manager of the company, appeared in the live broadcast room with three classic models of ze75e-10, ze205e-10 and ze365e-10 of E-10 series excavators. Slowly driving out of the small, medium and large excavation, it deeply integrates the core concept of 4.0 products of "modular platform + intelligent products", focuses on the public's attention with a touch of Aurora green coating modeling, and the streamlined panel modeling has a full sense of science and technology. Yuan Ye analyzed the performance and market advantages of the three products in depth. He said that the E-10 series excavators have undergone 15000 hours of durability test, and the whole machine has undergone 2000 hours of durability verification, and created greater value for customers in many dimensions such as "dexterity", "economy" and "reliability", which can be described as an industry value model that has been tested by the market

Yuanye, executive deputy general manager of Zoomlion earth moving machinery Co., Ltd., said in depth that the quadruple super gift is guaranteed to earn no loss and will be enjoyed immediately.

in addition to the red envelope rain and award-winning Q & A sent from time to time during the live broadcast, Shi Weizhi, deputy general manager of Zoomlion earth moving machinery Marketing Co., Ltd., released an attractive quadruple gift preferential policy for customers who paid a deposit during the live broadcast, In addition to the beautiful excavator model and 1000 yuan coupon that you can send as soon as you make a reservation, you can also receive up to 20000 yuan of machine purchase deduction vouchers and win Huawei lucky prize. The benefits and prizes are rich, which fully ignited the enthusiasm of customers to pay the deposit. Participants have praised this activity and ignited a traffic Carnival of public welfare high purchase night

Shi Weizhi, deputy general manager of Zoomlion earth moving machinery marketing company, released the quadruple luxury gift

the public auction starts from 1 yuan, and the heartbeat of online shopping accelerates

in addition to the surprise of prizes and gifts, this public high shopping night also prepared unexpected surprises for our customers. At the live broadcast ceremony, ze60e-10, ze75e-10 and Ze were auctioned from 1 yuan as auction items, and customers competed for bidding. Within a limited time, the auction will be snapped up at a bright price, the purchase will be completed, and the decision will be made at one stroke, so that customers can enjoy real discounts and experience the real auction heartbeat without leaving home

excavators such as ze60e-10, ze75e-10 and Ze will be auctioned from 1 yuan

50 people in the hundred regiments battle will form a group and rush for the use right of excavators for half a year

if there are excavators worth buying in the construction machinery industry, it must be a series in the E-10 family of Zoomlion earth moving machinery company. It is not only the excavator driven by Bai Jingting, the resident guest of Hunan Satellite TV's star detective program, at the concert, but also the "hot money" product that the company has been repeatedly asked about. During the live broadcast, the most exciting part is the hundred regiments' War link. The activity stipulates that as long as the amount of deposit reaches 50 people, a group can draw the six-month use right of an E-10 series ze60e-10 small excavation. This wave of promotion is unprecedented, the attention flow in the live broadcast room is rising, the message area is interactive, and the atmosphere is hot. As of the end of the event, the hundred regiments war was held 12 times, and a total of 12 lucky customers who won the right to use the ze60e-10 small excavation for half a year were selected

from 19:30, in less than an hour and a half, more than 60000 viewers watched and 620 orders were sold, which became a new breakthrough in online sales in the industry. When the order was released, the vice president of Zoomlion Guoxuehong, general manager of the earth moving machinery marketing company, said: "In a special period, this public welfare high purchase night live broadcast will transform offline activities into online live broadcasts, creating an innovative model for the construction machinery industry under the Internet marketing reform. In the future, Zoomlion earth moving machinery Co., Ltd. will continue to drive product, service and marketing reform with innovation, and serve our customers with better products, better technical services and more convenient marketing models to make profits." Zoomlion earth moving machinery Co., Ltd. solemnly promises that the proceeds of the live broadcast ceremony will be donated to public welfare institutions in a fixed proportion, and the exposed shaft end should protrude from the end face of the containing parts to help the national epidemic prevention and anti epidemic. Zoomlion earth moving machinery Co., Ltd. will continue to innovate and change and lead the industry in the development of gratitude and the country. (this article is from Zoomlion)

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