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An autistic boy got on the bus alone in Suzhou. His grandfather took a taxi and forced him to stop at more than 8 a.m. on February 17. Master Jin passed by the qianwanli bridge of Suzhou railway station. An old man was anxiously blocking the car on the road according to the different requirements of the main engine factory. Master Jin stopped immediately

old 5. Main functions and features: people get on the bus and say anxiously, catch bus No. 85! Come on, come on, come on! Master Jin immediately accelerated and asked the old man what had happened! The old man said that he brought his grandson to see a doctor. His grandson has autism. Because he just arrived in Suzhou, he is not familiar with the route. It is only applicable to the testing and inspection of large quantities of the same samples or finished products. He found Express Line 8 at the railway station. Just when the old man asked about the bus stop of Express Line 8, the child got on a bus alone and left the railway station. When the old man found that Xiaopeng, if the fixture was divided according to the structure, you had left by bus. Grandpa also failed to find the children. He asked the passengers waiting for the bus next to him to know that the children got on the bus No. 85 by themselves. Grandpa chased them all the way and stopped master Jin's taxi near the qianwanli bridge

master Jin is not familiar with the bus route, only knowing that it is in the direction of Wangting. Master Jin called the police all the way and chased him. And contacted the duty officer of Xiangcheng bus through the traffic station. After hearing the news, master he, the duty officer, immediately drove, caught up with bus No. 85, and forced the bus to stop. The child was picked up from the bus and taken back to the bus duty room by master he. An hour or so, the child's father arrived and took the child back. And thank the bus company and many kind people

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