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The world's industrial robot giant rushed to Wuhan, and the super intelligent factory is coming

the world's industrial robot giants are rushing to Wuhan, and the super intelligent factory is coming

on December 9, the central China R & D and production center project invested by FANUC of Japan in Han was officially put into operation. Since the demand for data collection rate on the experimental machine is not too high, the world's industrial robot giants are scrambling for Wuhan's intelligent equipment industry

FANUC of Japan is a well-known manufacturer of automatic chemical plants, robots and intelligent machinery in the world. Together with abb, KUKA and Yaskawa electric, it is called the "four giants" of the industrial robot industry

20 Bai had a very bad relationship with his two children. In July of 2018, Shanghai FANUC invested 100million yuan to build a central China R & D and production base in Wuhan Development Zone. The project covers an area of 14000 square meters to build a central China base integrating robot sales, display, training, technical support, warehousing and other businesses. This is FANUC's fourth R & D and production base in China after Shanghai, Guangzhou and Chongqing

Photo by Zhang Zhi, industrial robot products displayed at Wuhan FANUC product exhibition center

after more than a year of construction, the project was officially completed and put into operation on December 9. On the same day, Changjiang saw at Wuhan FANUC product exhibition center that dozens of robot products were displayed on the scene, all of which were "with unique skills": the handling and stacking robot is a real "Hercules", a heavy equipment weighing up to 2 tons, with its help, it can easily realize the smooth handling up and down, left and right; The intelligent robot has an accuracy different from that of ordinary people. It can carry parts within a radius of 1.6 meters, and the accuracy error of repeated positioning is within 0.03 mm. Fanuc staff at the scene said that these robots do not need manual operation or lighting, and can run "in full swing" in a dark environment

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in recent years, industrial robots have been rapidly popularized in the fields of domestic automobiles, household appliances, food processing, logistics and so on, expanding the application of plastics. Tao Bo, a professor at the school of machinery and engineering of Huazhong University of science and technology, believes that automation equipment represented by industrial robots is the source of industrial data and the basis of industrial interconnection, and represents a national automation development level. "Without automation equipment, data interconnection is impossible."

as an important manufacturing town in China, at present, Wuhan traditional manufacturing enterprises are transforming and upgrading in the direction of intelligent manufacturing, attracting a large number of intelligent equipment leading enterprises at home and abroad to seize the Wuhan market

According to the relevant person in charge of the advanced manufacturing park of Wuhan Development Zone, in recent years, industrial robot enterprises such as Shanghai Yongqian Electromechanical, a leading enterprise in the domestic intelligent robot industry, and Jinan Fangde, a leading enterprise in the domestic stamping automation field, have settled in the park and invested in building factories; A large number of industrial robot industrial chain enterprises, such as Jiefu equipment, Capitol automation, Datang radio and television, improving and improving plastic recycling and processing technology, Wuhan Benjamin, have developed rapidly in Wuhan Development Zone; In addition, abb, Yaskawa electric and other global industrial robot giants also intend to layout in Wuhan Development Zone

"Wuhan has a solid industrial foundation, obvious industrial agglomeration effect in intelligent manufacturing and robots, and huge market radiation and driving advantages." Qian Hui, general manager of Shanghai FANUC robotics Co., Ltd., said that Wuhan FANUC will focus on the intelligent manufacturing industry, integrate FANUC's advantageous technical resources in robotics, intelligent machinery, IOT, artificial intelligence and so on, build an intelligent manufacturing ecosystem, and help Wuhan build a "robot city"

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