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Industrial products futures fell across the board. Shanghai Jiaotong Shanghai fuel oil fell nearly 2%

panorama on December 25 - the price of overnight crude oil futures fell sharply. Affected by this, domestic industrial products futures fell across the board this morning. It is safe for everyone in Shanghai Jiaotong to understand that the main contracts of Shanghai Jiaotong and Shanghai fuel oil fell nearly 2%. Even plastic and Zheng PTA also fell by 0.54% and 0.33% respectively. Morning closing first

HuJiao 0905 closed at 9870 yuan, down 155 yuan or 1.55%, with 9282 positions increased

Shanghai fuel 0903 closed at 2432 yuan, down 42 yuan or 1.70%, and its position increased by 24480. For example, high-performance modified plastics such as PC and peek have been significantly used in electronic appliances

Lian plastic 0903 closed at 7340 yuan, down 40 yuan or 0.54%, and the position increased by 5230 hands

Zheng pta0905 closed at 5518 yuan, down 18 yuan or 0.33%, with 121116 positions increased

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