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The industrial PC

apc820 (Automation pc820), which is integrated into the servo driver, is a new member of the acaposmulti product family of baccalais. It has the PC performance of the world's cutting-edge technology and helps the acoposmulti driver to complete the equipment control excellently

acaposmulti, a new generation of servo driver of bekale, is a new product launched by Br in 2007. It adopts the most cutting-edge common DC bus driving technology and integrates high-speed real-time communication technology and inverter technology. Common DC bus driving technology, new installation and cooling methods make it a representative of innovative driving technology

cost-effective carrier, ultra compact integration scheme

acoposmulti product family provides the most cost-effective feasible scheme for the operation of equipment with multiple axes. The modular design supports the installation of guide rails, which saves users more space for switchgear. Equipment manufacturers can obtain obvious cost reduction advantages by using this excellent drive system. Maximize performance with minimal volume


provide barrier free operation of equipment in all kinds of harsh environments

apc820 is designed for all kinds of harsh environments. There is no internal cable in the design, which provides a guarantee for achieving the highest level of vibration resistance and operation safety. In addition, the process of this product is likely to be extended to a wide range of manufacturing industries. Storage media is the best choice in industrial equipment, that is, without any rotating parts (such as hard disk), only with CF card

the overall performance of the experimental system is equivalent to the technical level of the products of the internationally famous dynamic experimental machine company

apc820 product highlights many manufacturers should turn to the "load" file ■ 2D and 3D image functions

■ RS232 Rs422/485 interface

■ Powerlink interface

introduction of acoposmulti driver:

1. A new generation of servo driver for bekale acoposmulti


2. Servo drive technology with direct input analog feedback


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