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American industrial market research company predicts that the flat glass market will grow by 5% annually.

Freedonia group is an industrial market research company in the United States. At present, Freedonia is conducting research on advanced flat glass. Research shows that the market demand for advanced flat glass will increase at a rate of 5% per year. It is expected that the trading volume of advanced flat glass will reach US $7.2 billion in 2012. The rise in the demand for flat glass is driven by various factors, including the prosperity of the real estate industry, the continuous innovation and development of new technologies for deep processed glass, and the rise in the demand for special glass such as bulletproof and fireproof glass

research shows that safety glass products, including laminated glass and tempered glass, are the largest consumption path of advanced flat glass. Nearly 62% of flat glass is used in the production of laminated and safety glass products. Although the consumer market of these deep processed glass products (such as automotive tempered glass) has been very mature, advanced flat glass still has great application opportunities, especially laminated flat glass for the production of bulletproof and fire-proof glass

it is estimated that the demand for hurricane proof glass will increase by 7. The rate of 9% has increased year by year, and the consumption will reach 3% by 2012. $800million. Research shows that the demand for hurricane proof glass is mainly concentrated in Florida, because this area is a hurricane prone area, which is not used for rusty parts or accessories after a long time of passing these parameters

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