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The application of industrial robots is still concentrated in the fields of welding and spraying

nowadays, as emerging technologies such as IOT and 5g continue to penetrate into various market segments, intelligent robots appear in many industries. The R & D, manufacturing and application of robots is an important symbol to measure the level of national scientific and technological innovation and high-end manufacturing industry. Recently, the 6th China robot summit and intelligent economy talent summit was held in Ningbo, with nearly 80 robot and intelligent manufacturing enterprises participating. The exhibits cover industrial robots, service robots, and China has completed a historic breakthrough in the products and skills of large and super large cranes, involving education, medical treatment, entertainment, industrial manufacturing and other fields

the "Gobang master" robot that frustrated the challengers frequently, the "follow where you go" robot, the traditional Chinese medicine examination robot that can "see, hear, ask, and cut", and the medical robot that provides rehabilitation training for patients... At the exhibition site, the robots showed their magical powers, which surprised the on-site visitors

at this summit, intelligent manufacturing is a common concern of many experts and scholars. As the next outlet of industrial manufacturing, intelligent manufacturing will promote the intellectualization of the entire manufacturing value chain. In this process, robots and artificial intelligence will play an important role and will strictly comply with the requirements of the cooperation agreement

"at present, most industrial robots are concentrated in traditional welding, spraying and other fields." Gan Zhongxue, chairman of Zhejiang Zhichang industrial group, said that at present, the core components and complete machine market of China's industrial robots are still monopolized by foreign countries. To face the entire intelligent manufacturing market, industrial robots also need to have the ability to cope with most processes in the entire intelligent manufacturing process, and industrial interconnection is the key infrastructure to realize intelligent manufacturing

"the reason why we think 'interconnection + manufacturing' is difficult is mainly because the problems in the IOT stage have not been solved. If these problems are not solved, intelligent manufacturing can only be in the distant future." When talking about "interconnection + consumption" and "interconnection + manufacturing", Yu Haibin, director and researcher of Shenyang Institute of automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences, believes that industrial interconnection includes four modes: interconnection design, interconnection products, interconnection logistics and interconnection production. The existing industrial interconnection platforms often pay attention to the information technology support structure and pay less attention to manufacturing needs

(worker - Zou Tiran Intern of CAMCE, Wang Xiaoqing, this will play a positive role in the future development and improvement of blow molding machine)

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