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Industrial products futures and plastics have been linked for three consecutive days, with Shanghai Jiao and Shanghai fuel oil hitting a new low

panorama on December 2. Affected by the sharp fall in the price of crude oil overnight and the sharp fall in U.S. stocks, Shanghai Jiao and Shanghai fuel oil in domestic industrial products futures fell by nearly 4% this morning. Shanghai Jiao once hit the limit in the intraday trading, and the main contracts of Shanghai Jiao and Shanghai fuel oil hit new lows of 10260 yuan and 2109 yuan respectively. However, Lian plastic, which rose by the limit yesterday, continued to have a strong trend of low cycle load cycle, deformation cycle and displacement cycle, rising by more than 27.5.1% of dimensional deviation and appearance quality, which is already three Lianyang, and Zheng PTA also rose slightly. As of 9:40 a.m

HuJiao 0903 is now reported at 10280 yuan, down 410 yuan or 3.84%, with an increase of 3028 positions

Shanghai fuel 0902 is now reported at 2134 yuan, down 87 yuan or 3.92%, with 7708 positions reduced

Lian plastic 0901 is now reported at 7450 yuan, up 190 yuan or 2.62%, with an increase of 16824 positions

Zheng pta0901 is now reported at 4800 yuan, up 36 or 0.76%, with an increase of 94104 positions

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