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The application of programmable controller in four-bar packing machine (Part 1)

[Abstract] this paper introduces the design method of applying PLC technology to transform the control system of four-bar packing machine and the realization of our Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. professional production: universal testing machine. The actual transformation example shows that the reliability of the four-bar packaging machine control is improved and the economic benefit of the enterprise is improved by using PLC control and measuring the deformation, height and force value

[key words] PLC, solenoid valve, relay device, frequency converter

1. Preface

four link packing machine is a kind of continuous packing mechanical equipment that can pack four boxes (can be cartons) of 4*24 bottles or three boxes of 3*24 bottles at a time. In the bottled beverage industry such as beer, the four-bar packing machine mainly completes the packing and unloading of bottled products. Due to its excellent performance and other characteristics, it is widely used in the packaging industry

the control of the electrical part of the four connecting rod packing machine is an important guarantee for the safety and reliability of the packing machine. At present, the electrical device of the old four-bar packaging machine mostly adopts the control mode of relay. This control method has complex wiring and a large number of relays, resulting in poor reliability, high failure rate and large amount of daily maintenance of the electrical control part. At the same time, the equipment is lack of safety measures for operation, which is prone to accidents

with the development of programmable controller (PLC), the most common supporting equipment of this product mainly includes the technology of impact testing machine. PLC control technology is applied to the control of four-bar packaging machine to replace the original control circuit. It is the inevitable trend of the development of the control system of four-bar packing machine

2. System structure

the control system of four-bar packing machine is composed of electrical part and pneumatic executive part. See the flow chart (Figure 1) for the working process. Electrical system output control in the transformation of the electrical control part, the working process and control characteristics of the packaging machine are analyzed; The control of the packaging machine is basically photoelectric switch, proximity switch, solenoid valve, motor and other switching input and output equipment. The control process is based on continuous logic quantity control. The switch logic and sequence control of PLC are the most widely used and basic functions of PLC. Based on this function and characteristics of PLC, it is decided to dismantle the original relay control system and adopt PLC control. Because the other automation equipment of the user manufacturer basically uses the PLC of OMRON company in Japan. According to the acquisition and control points, we choose the PLC of SYSMAC cpm2a-60cdr-a of OMRON company as the system controller

3. System design

3. 1 the motor of the four-bar packing machine can carry out inching, forward rotation and reverse rotation to drive the bottle clamping device to do reciprocating packing. The bottle motor and the two box motors are used to transfer bottles and boxes respectively. The seven solenoid valves and their corresponding cylinders control the "Chuck", "positioner", "box outlet arm" and "box inlet arm" and "box guide" respectively. Set two change-over switches for "manual" and "automatic" operation

3, 2 install three photoelectric detection switches on the operation front desk, equipment back desk and side of the packaging machine. When the operator enters the dangerous area of the equipment by mistake, the system will stop urgently to ensure safety

3, 3 install Omron e6a2 rotary encoder on the conveyor belt to measure the speed of the conveyor belt. Stop the packaging machine when the conveyor motor stops abnormally

3 and 4 system input circuits have photoelectric switches such as light on and proximity switches, so the DC24V power supply capacity on PLC is insufficient, and DC24V DC regulated power supply is used for all input and output components. The schematic diagram of PLC control system is shown in figure (2)

(to be continued)

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