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Industrial robots, as the final carrier of artificial intelligence technology, began to mature.

in 2018, China, the wind of intelligent manufacturing prevailed in greater Jiangnan, and many slogans such as powerful manufacturing and intelligent manufacturing swarmed out. So take a walk after dinner and meet your neighbors. You're embarrassed to ask if they've eaten. You have to ask if you're smart today? Have you finished 4.0? Are you ready for 2025

in 2018, the development of artificial intelligence has gradually shifted from technology to commercial implementation, and industrial robots, as the ultimate carrier of technology presentation, have become the most competitive industry in 2018. At present, there are more than 2000 enterprises engaged in industrial robot application in China, and there are about 500 enterprises with the ability to provide overall solutions for overall industrial robot application. This data is still changing all the time. It's like when you go to the street and see several people picking up fruit on the road. When you wait and see, you will think that the fruit is good, big and red, and worth picking up, so you also join the team of picking up. More people pick it up, more people look around, so more people pick it up. Those who come to pick it up in front still have reason to know why they want to pick it up, and most of those who come to pick it up directly without knowing the reason. The current robot application business is similar to such a scenario, with more people flocking to it and less powerful ones. Why? Because the current industrial robot application technology has not yet developed to the point that any work can be replaced by robots, technical solutions are still the biggest obstacle in this industry

meal delivery robots have been popular for several years, but count the current catering market in China, so that restaurants without staff will not exceed one finger. Unmanned supermarkets are relatively better. There are always several supermarkets like super species and HEMA fresh food in first tier cities. However, these supermarkets still cannot be completely unmanned. Even so in the service industry, not to mention the automation industry with a combination of technology and intelligence. Online workers in many production and manufacturing enterprises are still the main production costs. They do not want to be replaced by robots, but cannot be replaced by robots

there are generally three kinds of competitors we have encountered. The first is capital guaranteed, which only makes mature technologies, such as welding, palletizing and handling. The robot application integration business is relatively mature, not difficult, and has a wide range of choices in the robot body. To put it bluntly, it's not difficult to bake this cake. Their respective heats are different. The second is high-risk. It's happy to have mature technology, not sad to have immature technology, and it's sick not to do business. No matter who can do it next, subcontracting or subcontracting is OK. The third type is robust. Mature technology is used to feed the team, while immature technology is the development direction, and rational challenges are difficult. We are the third kind. Robot application business is gb/t21238 (2) 008 glass fiber reinforced plastic sand pipe, which can really help enterprises solve their difficulties and difficulties. Boasting, lying and boasting are not suitable for this industry. Since we are here to help others, we can tell each other frankly what we can do, what we need research and development to confirm whether we can do it, and what we really can't do

I once met a customer who made robot equipment similar to Da Vinci's surgery, and invited us to have a look. The manipulator of the surgical robot is manually assembled, and the process is very complex. The manipulator at the bottom is similar to a human hand, and the action of fingers depends on subtle steel wire traction. The assembly of steel wire depends on people. They want to use robots to assemble and thread steel wires. This item is very difficult according to the type of experiment. The steel wire is small, and there are high requirements for the order, strength and angle of assembly. However, these are not the biggest difficulties of this project. Then what is it? The challenge to human wisdom is the greatest difficulty. Most of the customers we meet already have mature process operation sequences and requirements. These actions that are integrated and completed by personnel seem simple. Behind them is a set of process requirements and sequences that many wise people in this enterprise conclude that they think are the most appropriate and can ensure quality. However, when considering changing robots to do it, first of all, we should let customers understand that although robots and people have herringbone, robots have hands but no human brain, have perception but no feeling, have movement and no sweat. These defects will inevitably require the customer to change the process requirements or process sequence in the realization of the goal. For example, in the aforementioned project, using robots to thread steel wires, we consider the feasibility of changing the double strand linkage into single strand linkage, but the customer believes that the double strand linkage has been tested for many times and cannot be changed. Customers will reject such changes to a certain extent. To persuade customers to accept them, we need experimental results to prove it. At this time, customers and we should believe that there is no best, only better. It must be better to replace people with robots

at present, robot integration applications are mostly focused on welding, spraying, handling, etc. because the action of manual assembly is more human than other replaceable actions, few enterprises are willing to invest in it. Especially for the very simple but very skilled action to replace the robot, it seems to have no advantage. For example, it is not difficult to judge the robot replacement from the single point of view that the manual assembly of ball point pens has a single action repetition. But the speed of the robot is not as fast as that of a skilled worker. I thread needles so fast! Robots are out of reach. But robots are not human beings. They can work without rest, without eating, and without being tired. This person is out of reach. So our experience in machine integration applications is:

first, robots are excellent, but not the best. Whether it can be replaced by robot depends on three key factors: the trajectory of human action, the unity of workpiece and the repeatability of operation. The three key factors are established at the same time, and the project is basically feasible. There is only one, which requires early-stage test investment. If a customer wants to invest in R & D, he will be less interested. It doesn't matter. Don't force it if you don't want to invest. As mentioned earlier, we are here to help others. Therefore, it is not necessary to persuade customers to do the project, but to impress customers with relevant or similar cases

second, the goal determines the process, not the process determines the goal. Machine replacement can not only save labor, but also improve efficiency, quality and accuracy. We have done a project. After the successful commissioning and linkage, the efficiency improvement and manpower saving have been achieved, but the damage rate is high. This project cannot be called a success. Although the denominator and numerator are increased at the same time, the breakage rate is actually low, but from the absolute value, the breakage rate is higher than manual operation. So we spent a lot of time on debugging, looking for the reason, and finally found that the high damage rate was caused by man. The improvement of the previous process leads to an increase in the amount of labor in the next process. It is also a fear that the person in the previous process has been replaced and that he will deliberately destroy it one day. Therefore, the success of robot application business depends on the realization of all goals. In terms of scheme design ideas, it is easy to be brought into a dead end by the existing process requirements. If I jump outside the window and look at the house, I will find that the pattern of the house can still be changed. If I remove the floating window, I'm afraid I can separate a storage room. We should hold this idea to do scheme design

III. select III. 6. When starting the oil pump, it is appropriate to pay attention to the zero point standard. Because it is an integrated application, it will be easier to grasp the advantages and disadvantages of various brands and the performance of various products. In the cost control of the scheme, the customer's budget is the upper limit, and the selection standard is the lower limit. Imported or domestic robots, which kind of electronic control system to use, which can be omitted in the design of the scheme, which can not be ignored, and which cannot be replaced, there must be weighing standards. Some clients will give you a budget that surprises you. At this time, be calm. The robot application industry has not yet become a standardized system, and most of it is non-standard. It is understandable that the customer gives an extra day budget, and what we do is how to turn the customer's budget into a specific investment. Give you a million to do 500000 things, who will do it, but give you 500000 to do 700000 jobs, and you run? With the landing and maturity of this industry, the profit space will also be transparent. At this stage, we can't learn and master the way of cost reduction. It's too late to find rice when there is no grain. Taking the advantages of each family, integrating their own solution technology and providing customers with appropriate solutions are the king's way

doing industrial robot application has both bitterness and sweetness, or being rejected, misunderstood, or ignored. When the sky is full of intelligence, my customers are still asking me what is intelligent manufacturing

yes, what is intelligence? Just use a robot? Of course not. Robot application is only a small step towards intelligent manufacturing, which is also the bottom application of basic equipment. However, the high level of ADDC is a small step, and many enterprises hesitate to take it or try it. Ten years ago, I didn't know what intelligence was. Five years ago, I didn't know that I could go shopping without my wallet. Three years ago, I didn't know that lonely people could eat a bowl of instant noodles in an empty supermarket. Now I still don't know what the world will be like in a year, three years or five years, but I clearly know that robots will become the most practical tools for human beings, such as delivering express, doing housework, chatting with you, and taking care of your food, clothing, housing and transportation. In fact, our life has become more and more lonely, because we have relied too much on the tranquility and serenity brought by machines

at the end of this article, please allow me to express our wishes. When I walked into your factory, with all my dreams and Thoughts on my back, I found all kinds of makeup on my online face. I stubbornly sing the song of robot for you, trying to add light and increase production to your world. A cup of toast to the rising sun and a cup of toast to tomorrow nourishes my yearning and softens your heart, so I will, as always, not afraid of rain in my heart and frost in my eyes. I just hope you have confirmed your eyes and know that I am your robot

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