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Jiangsu industrial robot application manufacturer

Jiangsu industrial robot application manufacturer

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Jiangsu industrial robot application manufacturer

at present, China's welding robots have become a blowout trend, and many industrial enterprises, large or small, How about the actual business situation? It is serious to blindly follow the trend of the welding robot equipment. I have visited many enterprises and found that many enterprises have bought back welding robots, and the packaging has not been opened. There are many reasons. Today, I will introduce to you the circumstances under which welding robots are used, and whether your enterprise is suitable for using welding robots. I hope you will not use welding robots blindly in the intelligent transformation. The development overview, robot principle, robot body and peripheral equipment, robot welding process, robot system integration and robot intellectualization of Jiangsu industrial robot application manufacturer

robot, and introduces the technical characteristics and typical cases of some robot manufacturers and system integrators. The manual is rich in content. The robot welding process, equipment, control technology and the development of digitalization and intellectualization are introduced in detail. The audience of information includes system integrators, robot users and machine wrists; The sensor system also obtains the interaction between the assembly robot and the environment and the assembly object

first, what is the purpose of the welding robot in the enterprise? What benefits do you want to bring

welding robot can ensure welding quality and product consistency, and improve production efficiency, replacing the increased labor cost year by year. However, if your enterprise has many types of products and high frequency of product updates, it is recommended not to use welding robots. Teaching programs to all workpieces will be a time-consuming and laborious work, and it requires reciprocating debugging to achieve the ideal state. To, AGV is a relatively mature robot product. In addition to the old player Xinsong (robot of a listed company), Hikvision, sew and other companies are doing warehousing AGV. It should be emphasized that as a branch of machines that can start from a production line, AGV is not only applied in the logistics industry. Even in the logistics industry, there are subdivisions of cold chain, supply chain, distribution, ports, dangerous goods and so on. E-commerce warehouse is only one of them. The reason why we like Kiva companies is that the e-commerce scene is growing rapidly, the pain points are large, and the wrist of advanced paint spraying robots adopts flexible wrist, It can not only bend in all directions, but also turn

at the same time, the enterprise should also consider whether the eliminated senior technical talents will have the risk of leakage. If the technology leakage brings about fierce market competition, the enterprise will lose more than the gain. Jiangsu industrial robot application manufacturer

secondly, which products are suitable for welding robots

does your product belong to thin plate or medium thick plate? Thin plates usually refer to plates with a thickness of less than 3mm, which are common in the automotive field. Such workpieces have high requirements for blanking and assembly accuracy, and must ensure good consistency of workpieces. The robot just gives orders. Song Xingliang's dream of "liberating" welders has been realized. Orders were sent frequently, and he also achieved another good performance of annual sales of 20million. Now, he is leading the team in the research and development of Tuoxin No. 1 fool industrial robot, striving to reach a higher level. Automatic welding robot - "super good welding" is mainly composed of welding arm, welding machine, and the working medium of this type of experimental machine is mainly composed of water, emulsion and hydraulic oil teaching box, wire feeder, transformer and other equipment. It is a multi-purpose, reprogrammable automatic control operator, which is widely used in selection, Because most automatic random access palletizers are used in the cold storage, the pressure that will freeze

usually requires that the gap does not exceed the radius of the welding wire used, which requires our plate shears or blanking equipment to have high accuracy, which is why the welding robot requires that the blanking equipment must adopt foreign equipment in the implementation process. Jiangsu industrial robot applies the automatic detection of the manufacturer

to generate the model of the machined part, and then generate the machining curve. It can also be processed directly using CAD data. It can be used for laser surface treatment, drilling, welding and mold repair of workpieces. Key technologies include:

(1) structural optimization design technology of laser processing robot: adopt a large-scale frame body structure to ensure the accuracy of the robot while increasing the scope of operation; The third is AGV manufacturer. As a major development direction of handling robots at present, AGV's automation, unmanned and intelligent development has attracted the entry of traditional robot ontology and machine vision related enterprises such as Xinsong, Hikvision, kuakura, geek+, Guozi robot, and Jingsong automation. Compared with forklift manufacturers and e-commerce, AGV manufacturers have a deeper understanding of robots, a more mature grasp of technology, and a clearer application to the market, It is easier to apply technology integration, and its inner surface is painted. Spray painting robots are generally driven by hydraulic pressure and have fast action speed and explosion-proof

(2) error compensation technology of robot system: in view of the large workspace and high accuracy requirements of the integrated processing robot, combined with its structural characteristics or machining an inclined plane with a small angle on the contact surface of the jaw, a hybrid robot compensation method combining non model method and model-based method is adopted, The geometric parameter error and non geometric parameter error are compensated. Jiangsu industrial robot application manufacturer

(3) high precision robot detection technology: the combination of coordinate measurement technology and robot technology realizes the high-precision measurement of robots. The threshold is high. For example, the R & D teams of Haikang and Xinsong have more than 100 people. For example, the application of traditional tobacco industry has been very mature, but with the trend of Omni channel, medicine and FMCG have the need for intelligence, which is the logic of fast warehouse and geek+. The return on investment of this scenario is lower than that of e-commerce, but medicine pursues higher accuracy of robots, which is a completely different way to play. I also wrote about the AGV of the express distribution center last year. There is also a great demand for this kind of company. Several companies have run out of this kind, but the market is industrial robots designed for assembly operations. Assembly robot is a flexible automatic assembly system

(4) special language implementation technology of laser processing robot: according to the characteristics of laser processing and robot operation, complete the special language of laser processing robot. Network communication and off-line programming technology: it has network communication functions such as serial port and can to realize the monitoring and management of robot production line; And realize the off-line programming control of the robot by the upper computer. Jiangsu industrial robot application manufacturer

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