A deep study on the current situation of polyoxyet

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A deep study on the current situation of polyoxyethylene adhesives for PVC materials in China

polyurethane (PU) adhesives are adhesives containing urethane group f-nhc00) and/or isocyanate group (NCO) in the molecular chain. Polyurethane 2. Principle of experiment: apply breaking force and tensile force to shoelaces to make them stretch and deform continuously. Adhesive is widely used in the national economy because of its superior performance. It is one of the important varieties of synthetic adhesives. Huang Qiaoxing et al. [7] studied two kinds of adhesives, modified perchloroethylene resin and polyurethane, so that they can be used for bonding in the manufacturing process of PVC artificial leather. Diphenyl phthalate is selected as plasticizer for the two adhesives. Add a certain amount of tackifying resin, use an appropriate amount of organic solvent, and add an appropriate amount of crosslinking agent. When the amount of tackifying resin diphenyl phthalate is increased to 3759, the peel strength of the adhesive is the highest, and the peel strength at this time is 250N/25cm. If we continue to increase the amount of plasticizer. The adhesive layer is dry, but the peel strength decreases. Adding tackifying resin into perchloroethylene solution will greatly improve the pressing process of the sample. If chlorinated rosin and 422# modified rosin resin are used together, better processing properties and peel strength can be obtained at the same time. However, polyurethane resin solution is not suitable for adding various modified rosin resins. All kinds of isocyanate crosslinking agents have a certain effect on improving the peel strength of perchloroethylene adhesive layer. In particular, lekner with three functional groups has the best effect. These two adhesives can be used for the bonding of PVC artificial leather, but the adhesive layer of perchloroethylene adhesive is hard, and the polyurethane adhesive layer is soft. The choice of adhesive type depends on the specific situation. Peng Huajun et al. Discussed the synthesis process and application effect of electrostatic flocking adhesive for PVC sealing strip. This adhesive adopts two-component polyurethane adhesive. Component A is hydroxyl terminated polyester polyurethane, and component 8 is isocyanate terminated polyether polyurethane

pvc flocking adhesive contains its characteristic urethane polar bond (nhc00), as well as many ester bonds, ether bonds, urea bonds, etc. It has good adhesion to a variety of materials. He yichai described the synthesis of a one component solvent based polyurethane adhesive for PVC decorative film metal plate. Polyester, isocyanate and chain extender with high crystallinity are used as raw materials, and chloroacetic resin is used to increase the viscosity. The peel strength of the product is 30 ~ 60N/2cm, the viscosity is 120 ~ 140s, and the irritation is small. The mechanical properties of the adhesive have reached the level of imported adhesives of the same kind, and the baking activation conditions have been greatly reduced, and the cost will be greatly reduced. It has been applied to many domestic PVC color plate manufacturers and has been highly praised, which can completely replace the imported adhesive of the same kind. Du guanben introduced an adhesive with aqueous polymer lotion and isocyanate as the main components, which is especially suitable for the composite of PVC film and wood substrate. When the ratio of lotion to curing agent is l00:7f by mass), the amount of sizing is about 1009/m2, the specified non proportional elongation stress Rp0.2 (MPA), the hot pressing temperature is 85 ~ 90 ℃, the hot pressing cycle is 3min, and the pressure is o.35mpa, P, such as the normal peel strength of VC film after 72 hours of tensile test is 29n/mm. This adhesive also has high initial strength and can meet the processing requirements of "wood carving, milling and carving - PVC coating". In addition, the adhesive is an aqueous polymer lotion. No organic solvent pollution, safe to use, widely applicable. Xu Dasheng and others synthesized a one component adhesive for PU PVC composite leather with self-made special polyester glycol, 4,4 '- diphenylmethane diisocyanate and chain extender 1,4-butanediol as main raw materials. Compared with the commonly used polyurethane adhesives such as the fatigue life of two-component composite leather doors and windows. The adhesive has high bonding strength. See Table L for the comparison of the application properties of the two adhesives. Wei Minxi selects mpu-20 polyurethane adhesive for the composite of PVC/steel plate and plywood. The peel strength of L800 of mpu-20 adhesive is ≥ 1.96kn/m, the pH value is between 6 and 8, and the service temperature is 0. 40℃。 This adhesive has the characteristics of fast construction, simple process, labor saving, low cost, strong adhesive force, curing at room temperature and insoluble, non-toxic and flame retardant after curing of the adhesive layer. The composite material is used for the decoration of cabin wall, and the effect is good

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