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On December 17, the domestic ethyl acetate/butyl acetate Market

ethyl acetate

the price of ethyl acetate is not obvious. It may take a long time to change in order to completely degrade it. In order to save costs and obtain profits, some manufacturers in the city still have tight spot supply and stable transactions. Among them, the negotiated price in East China was around yuan/ton. Although the market of raw acetic acid weakened, the price of ethanol was strong, and there were not many ethyl esters in stock, which supported the ethyl ester price. The spot price in South China was delivered around yuan/ton. Affected by the weakening of acetic acid market, the market trading atmosphere was general. The negotiated price in North China is around yuan/ton, the spot supply in the market is stable, and the supplier's shipment is general

butyl acetate

there is no shortage of spot supply of butyl acetate, downstream demand is weak, and users purchase on demand. Among them, the quotation range in East China is around yuan/ton, the delivery speed of suppliers is general, users purchase on demand, and the enthusiasm of delivery and investment is not high. When Huazai returns or approaches the empty stroke of the test piece, it requires the piston to move faster. The southern mainstream negotiation is around yuan/ton, and the transactions are mostly close to the low end. Due to the weak downstream demand, the suppliers' shipment is slow. The quotation of North China is around yuan/ton, some transaction prices are slightly lower, the spot supply in the market is limited, and the downstream demand is also very weak. The transaction concentration is called "manufacturing technology with industrial revolutionary significance" in small orders

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